Judging by the rumours we are hearing at NewbHQ, and the research done by our erstwhile team of undercover bots, it looks like the release dates of the next generation of consoles is staring to firm up.

With Nintendo showing off the Wiiii to developers at E3 in June this year we can definitely expect a 2012 release date for the Wiiii.

Having said that, rumblings from Redmond & Minato indicate that both Microsoft and Sony are keen to see further return on investment from the 360 & PS3 respectively before they re-invest in the 720 and PS4. Both have separately hinted, on more than one occasion recently, that they see the additions of Kinect & Move as adding “a number of years” to the lifespan of their current generation hardware, and furthermore both houses are of the opinion that developers have not yet fully explored the capabilities of either platform and that “great”, “new”, “innovative” & “groundbreaking” things are still possible with the current kit.

So, whilst Nintendo fans had better start saving now, it looks fairly certain that XBox & PlayStation followers can breath easy and dish some funds out on one (or more!) of this years huge titles instead of starting to save for that next gen hardware just yet!