Ok, well I’m pretty sure we’re both (you and I) really a bit too busy with fun stuff to actually bother boring you with a “proper” website so, instead, why not catch me somewhere where I DO spend time;

NewbReview.com (Written Contributions) (Podcast Contributions – (From 33))
– Very happy and proud to be part of this excellent project. A community for every real gamer out there, a great fun bunch of real people who actually play & love games, a lot, a lot a lot, but also understand that the average person is just as important a gamer as any hardcore player, and have full time jobs like the rest of us!
(Whilst all my bits & bobs for NewbReview are “syndicated” onto this blog (hence why you’ll often see me using “we” on this blog, I’m not being pretentious! Promise! 😉 ), there’s nothing quite like the real deal, so I definately encourage you to visit “us” via the link above!)

Raptr (My Raptr Page)
– I’m excited about the possibilities for this system / community / website.  If you’re a gamer this is now getting to the point where it’s becoming a stable system and I love what it’s doing. Check it out!

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Steam (My Steam Page)
– Also hang around on Steam a fair bit these days, great technology & community! I play a bit of Team Fortress, Call of Duty: World at War, Unreal Tournament 3 etc. You can find my Steam profile here.

If you have any further questions please email me at [email protected]!


Rax / Raxous

P.S. You can also find me at /on;



Ye Olde Stuff!

Guild Wars
– I have a large number of characters in the “European” version of this MMORPG, try adding my main character, “Ramanor Raxous“, to your friends list then whichever character I am logged on with will be listed in your friends list. (My game profile can be found on GuildWiki : http://gw.gamewikis.org/wiki/User:Raxous).

LOTRO:SoA (Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar)
– I also have a number of characters in the “European” version of this game too. Primarily on the “Evernight” server. Again, Try adding my main character, “Ramanor” / “Ramanor Raxous” to your friends list then whichever character I am logged on with will be listed. (Or you can find my game profile on LOTRO-Wiki)

Dragon Age: Origins
– So having played in the Wardens’ Quest tournament I am delighted to be playing the actual game now! Have to say that despite playing it for 21 hours straight, I still picked it up ASAP and got stuck straight in. What an amazing game! All I can hope is that the expand it’s universe for the foreseeable future! My BioWare Social profile can be found here, or you can look at my main character, (whom I’m playing on “Hard” mode, for any who are interested in that kind of thing!).

Previously to be found at;

The EA Community (UK)
Nintendo Life
UKCS (Team Fortress 2)