Gonna put down some past, present and future projects I have either been involved in or have followed, just listing them for kicks (*sigh*) really! Oh, and to keep things organised… 😉



I believe all gamers should be getting involved with the gaming projects on Kickstarter.

It’s a forum for getting games made that publishers aren’t interested in and, as such, is a hugely powerful tool for niche titles, be you a developer or a gamer.

Not only that but it’s also a fantastic and exciting way to get involved in games early on and sometimes have some degree of input / influence.

So why not stop being just a consumer of games and start getting involved in their inception and development from day one?

Below are a couple of projects I’ve put my hard earned cash on and a summary of how they are doing / have done.

For more info either click a project directly or the kickstarter logo, above, to go the the main site itself.





I’ll be adding more stuff here as and when I can think of something cool or relevant to the theme… so maybe never… 😉