Review:- Contre Jour

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Game: Contre Jour
Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Developer: Mokus
Publisher: Chillingo

Have you ever sat down and pondered what might happen if World of Goo met Limbo?

What if they hit it off, found they had lots in common and discovered they enjoyed the same type of movies? Maybe they pop out for a spot of dinner and a gentle stroll down by the river, maybe share a taxi home? What about coffee? A nightcap? It’s late… the weather is terrible… it’s a long way home…

Oh! Good morning! And welcome to Contre Jour!

A gentle puzzler at heart, the rich design and world scape created by those crazy, arty, gaming gurus over at Mokus is a bewitching place to spend some time.

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It's like some Goo decided to try Limboing…

Whilst there are points allocated to the amount of time taken to solve each puzzle this is a game best enjoyed slowly with a hot cup of coffee in a french cafe. Funky, beautiful and cleverly designed each puzzle is a joy to undertake and the touch interface again shows just how impressive the “i” series of devices are when it comes to delivering intuitive game control.

With very few faults, other than my usual desire to develop transparent fingers, there’s no reason for you not to add this gem to your mobile games library, that way you can fire it up if you need to look hip / cool gaming on your phone in sophisticated / arty company… nnnnnice!

Review Round-Up

Graphics – 5/5: It’s like Dali meets silent movies, except with sound… or something… Beautiful.

Sound – 4/5: Cute, gentle and French. Like Audrey Tautou in a film noir… or something… Beautiful.

Gameplay – 4/5: A nice easy learning curve progresses just as you’d expect, no surprises here, just enjoyment… or something… Beautiful.

Longevity – 4/5: Regardless of if you like your games short and sweet or long and steady Contre Jour makes you feel better about yourself when you play it. It’s moreish and light single-player fun, just what you want from a mobile game…

Overall 4 sparkly blue things out of 5

Contre Jour is as cool as it sounds like it should be. It’s French (OK, Hungarian, I think…), it’s hip, it’s fun. I’m sure it makes me cooler when I play it. Au revoir, je pars pour jouer un peu plus maintenant! ;-)

– Richard “Rax” Burley