Modern Warfare 3 - MW3

Now even more modern…

The latest update from Infinity Ward delivers a couple of excellent fixes and a couple of cool new game modes!

In addition to clearing up a few lag related issues for all involved it also adds Drop Zone, Hardcore Ricochet and Hardcore HQ Ricochet and most interestingly perhaps “Community Playlists”, where Infinity Ward promise to add “popular or unique” private match modes to the public playlists. This is obviously a great move allowing all players to enjoy the fruits of each others distinguished match modes and more importantly supporting these for ranking…

So, to the new game modes;

Hardcore Ricochet: All Hardcore modes will be converted to “Ricochet” as a response to team killing. Any friendly fire will now be applied to the attacker, rather than the victim. Deliberate or accidental team kills will now just end up killing you!

Hardcore HQ Ricochet: We’ll be adding Hardcore Headquarters to the Hardcore Team Tactical playlist.

Drop Zone: Occupying the “drop zone” earns points, first team to 7500 wins, every 15 seconds of occupation a care package (owned by the team with most members in the zone) is dropped, with anyone able to “steal” it. These care packages are the only way to secure air support in this mode. Scoring is 20 points per second for each team member in the zone (each individual also gets 20xp), each kill scores at 50xp.

So welcome changes all round of course… we can’t wait to see what comes of the Community Playlists!

– Richard “Rax” Burley