XBox & Windows Phone 7 Dashboard Update

Tiles, tiles everywhere and now they can communicate!

Microsoft have revealed that tomorrow’s (December 6th 2011) XBox 360 dashboard update will coincide with the availability of a new “XBox Companion App” for Windows Phone 7 handset owners.

Whilst the console update includes fairly well publicised functionality around a “refreshed” user interface, integrated Bing voice searching, improved gesture control for Kinect and the “foundation” on which a raft of new media providers will be arriving on XBox shortly (Including the long awaited BBC iPlayer implementation along with; LOVEFiLM, YouTube, Sky Go, 4oD and Demand 5) it’s perhaps the Windows Phone 7 app features that are most interesting.

Set to provide not only improved social functionality, based around your friends and what they are up to, and enable “cross-purchase” of content for your XBox , it will also empower your phone to act as a pretty comprehensive remote control for your XBox (start / open, play, rewind, fast-forward, etc)! This sounds pretty awesome to us despite not knowing quite how this will work, but we are set to find out… well… tomorrow, and we’ll keep you informed of what you’ll need to know about this exciting development for all Mircosoftphiles out there!

– Richard “Rax” Burley