Torchlight 2

What's that I see in the gloom? By the… light… of my… … torch… *sigh*

One of the biggest “indie”(ish) hits of recent years was the original Torchlight, and thusly a large army of fellow dungeoneers(?) have been sending their pets back to town at frequent intervals as they wait for more news on its much in demand successor.

With lots of good noises coming from Runic Games, excitement has been building, but it is with regret, but also satisfaction that we can confirm that Torchlight 2 has slipped into 2012.

Regret? Well, we’d quite like to play it now please.

Satisfaction? Well, it’s nice to see (some) developers continuing to ensure games are actually, you know… finished… before selling them…

So, we must wait a little longer, but then it will be worth it… we promise…

– Richard “Rax” Burley