Origin may be getting the front pages, but Steam is still innovating…

Steam have just launched an innovative new feature bringing a “Swap Shop” to digital platforms for the first time.

In addition to trading one game’s items amongst other players of that game, players will also be able to trade items across games, and indeed, games themselves.

So with the possibility of say… erm… trading a Team Fortress 2 hat for example, this might be tradable for; another hat within TF2, a hat from a different game (maybe a Brink bandanna?), or indeed a full copy of “HAT: A Warm Headed Tale” an exciting new hat trading game coming soon to Steam.

The possibilities are seemingly endless with the ability to “stock up” on amazing offers for later distribution / swapping things really do start getting complicated… and exciting!

Another move in the right direction of giving players as much digital freedom and flexibility as the want! Go Steam!

– Richard “Rax” Burley