South Park

No PvP… unless it's Kenny obviously… or something…

It has come to our attention that a South Park RPG is in the works!

In development, for XBox 360 and PS3, by none other than Obsidian Entertainment, the serial sequel developers of such hits as “KOTOR 2″, “Fallout 3: New Vegas”, “Neverwinter Nights 2″ and “Dungeon Siege 3″, this is clearly no trifling effort, but a full blown treatment of the legendary cult animation.

With the full involvement of Matt Stone and Trey Parker on script & voicing duties and overseeing the project this can’t fail to be as faithful a South Park experience as can be bought to a console.

Set to star players as new arrivals in South Park one can only imagine what you will be asked to do to level your character!

One thing seems certain, no perma-death for any characters who equip the “orange parka of unexplained re-birth”…

– Richard “RaxMan” Burley