Secret World MMO

With 500,000 new Dragons, Templars & Illuminati… Can you afford not to join?

Whilst “Star Wars: The Old Republic” might be the highest profile MMO launch this year (Decade? Millenia?) it’s “Secret World” that’s making all the running in terms of bringing something fresh, new and dynamic to the MMO marketplace.

And do you know what? MMO fans out there are backing it, in a very big way. Having just hit the 500,000 mark and with no let up in sight for new beta sign-ups this is certainly the MMO anyone interested in the genre should be all over right now.

Anyway, no time to chat, the Templar’s don’t run themselves you know! ;-)

Interested? Find out more at; http://www.thesecretworld.com.

– Richard “Rax” Burley