So what’s this “Borderlands” thingy about? Is it an FPS? Is it a RPG?

Well, the answer is “FPS”.

It’s an FPS with a tini-tiny bit of RPG. Just enough for it to call itself an FPSRPG, but only just!

This is not necessaarily a bad thing, but let’s break this down;

– NPCs; Nope. There basically aren’t any, unless they are absolutely required by the plot, andf these will only talk to you about a mission.
– Crafting; Nope.
– Stats; Erm Nope.
– Skills; Well, erm, Nope.
– Politics / Intrigue; Sorry… Nope.
– A Plot; … … Nope!

Having said all that;

– Shooting: YES! (And it’s soooooooo satisfying)
– Weapons: VERY YES! (Millions, literally!)
– Co-op: YES! YES! YES! (i.e. with up to three others)
– Design: YES! (Everything looks very kewl, very slick and yet strangely realistic!)
– Kewl Mobs & Bosses: YES! (They are huge, they are tiny, they are fast, they are slow, they breath fire, they shoot ice)
– Driving: YES! (Extra points for Carmageddon style road kill!)


If you want a quick, fast paced & fun pick up and play FPS with nice co-op team play options, a quintillion weapons and fun fast driving, BUY THIS NOW.

If you want an in depth RPG. Please DO NOT buy this. You WILL be very dissapointed.

I’m off to blast some mobs with my 10 completely different and unique weapons! Maybe I’ll see you there with your completely different weapon loadout! I look forward to healing you at close range with my shotgun… don’t ask, just play!