Anomaly Warzone Earth HDGame: Anomaly Warzone Earth HD (iOS)
Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Publisher: Apple

Mobile games can be a tricky old thing to get right.

How far can you push the platform? How to shoehorn the best experience into the required technical envelope? How to adapt the controls for a touch interface?

Well sometimes, I’m glad to discover, you can deliver quality across all these areas and provide an experience which feels designed for the device as well as providing quality gameplay and sumptuous visuals.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD - Visuals

Visuals? Yes, plenty of them. Oh and action, loads of that too…

“Anomaly Warzone Earth HD” (AWEHD from now on) is not only a great mobile game, it is, like so many other great mobile games, just a great game in it’s own right. Not only that but it’s game play style is ideally suited to a touch based device and so it delivers in all departments without feeling “squeezed”.

The credit for this quality of experience must be equally divided between 11 bit studios and Chillingo for the fantastic game concept still requires particular experience and skill to deliver fully on the range of screen, and thus input and output sizes, on which iOS resides. A feat AWEHD pulls off with consistently great aplomb!

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD - Route

The route planner… like manual sat nav… but with extra giant alien turrets of death…

Based on a “reverse tower defense” premise the aim is to guide your convoy through alien protected areas by negotiating their towers / turrets with a mix of correct unit selection, judicious route planning and precise skill based interventions.

It is the superb blending of these three discreet styles of game play which makes AWEHD such a joy to play. All three parts are clearly and intuitively laid out and work beautifully in concert with the others. Each mode feels just right visually and no training or tips are really needed to make the most of them, everything you need is clearly laid out to get you started and it’s gentle in it’s introduction allowing you time to master the approach regardless of the difficulty you select.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD - Troops

OK, the "Troops" screen may not look as exciting, but there's plenty of vehicles & upgrades and such…

Unsurprisingly this is one of the most universally highly lauded games on the platform, and this is with good reason.

Own an iSomething? Buy Anomaly Warzone Earth HD.

Review Round-Up

Graphics – 5/5: Perfect for this game type, and beautiful throughout.

Sound – 3.5/5: It’s all there, it works, and it supports the rest of the game ably.

Gameplay – 5/5: Exemplary throughout. Controls are spot on, engrossing action, great stuff.

Longevity – 4/5: Will easily keep you engaged through its entire campaign, and additional game modes.

Overall – 4 smouldering alien turrets out of 5

A sound mobile investment. Two thumbs up from me, just as soon as they’re done defeating earth from evil alien invaders…

– Richard “Rax” Burley