Yes, last week I represented the UK at the international, 24-hour, “Dragon Age: Origins Wardens’ Quest“!

This was not only a great honour, but also a great experience. I was equally nervous and excited leading up to the event and with good reason, the competition came from all over the globe and they were GOOD. All the teams really knew their stuff and this made for a tense and high quality competition.

After some 20 hours of hard gaming we came 5th (out of 10 team) having been eliminated in a double elimination whilst we were in 3rd position overall. Whilst we were sad to not stay in all the way to the final, we were pretty pleased we ended up in 3rd place at the point we were eliminated, not a bad show, specially as one of the 2 teams above us were “Team Bioware”, a team put together by the developers of the game!

Anyway the purpose of the event wasn’t just for me to have fun, it was to promote “Dragon Age: Origins” not that it needs much promoting, running as it is at 90% + rating on Metacritic! Suffice to say I personally guarantee that it is THE best roleplay game ever made, and I have played most of them! Do yourself a favour and buy it / play it / thank me later. 😉

On the back of our success, we even took part in The GameSpot UK Podcast 29/10/09 , the podcast for the biggest game site in the UK! Which was again a real honour!

So a big thank you to everyone involved / supporting the event, particularily;

– The other 4 memembers of the team; Jack Payne, Chris Collins, Tom Wallis and Dan Sheridan (EA).
– All the members of the other teams, great competitors, great people!
– The event support crew; from the awesome BioWare techs to the top attentionseekers.tv team. Great job guys. Great job.
– An extra thank you to Dan / EA for making the experience such a great one! Wouldn’t have happened without you, so much love big guy!
– Everyone else from BioWare & EA who made the whole thing happen! Particularily;
– Jonathan Goddard (EA) who was also particularily awesome!
– Chris Priestly (BioWare) who was a real trooper, all the way.
– Also another huge thank you to Guy Cocker (GameSpot UK) for both supporting the team and letting us tag along on his most excellent podcast!