Red Faction – RIP

Red Faction

So long, farewell… to you and you and ewe…

The Red Faction franchise is to be discontinued due to poor sales performance over it’s last few iterations, according to it’s publisher THQ.

With a proud decade of encouraging us to rebel by destroying buildings and stuff it is retiring to a lovely mountain cabin on Olympus Mons.

One can’t help but wonder if the demise of this specific IP is down to some long-term mis-marketing, as the games themselves are very playable.

Most often touted as a “shooter + physics”, it always seemed to feel like it was being pushed as a physics sandbox. Shame. We suspect it would have seen much greater numbers if sold as a straight “Original story based FPS with strong multi-player, featuring multiple game modes, exotic weapons & tactical options and fully destructible environments”… which is what it actually always was…

Well miss you Mars… long live the rebellion… down with Ultor…

– Richard “Rax” Burley