PSN Outage Continues

PSN Outage

PlayStation NOTwork?

No expects 100% uptime, specially from a free service, but 4 days (so far!) of downtime, specially over a holiday weekend is really starting to grate with many gamers out there. Rumors abound concerning causes, with Sony pointing the finger at the “Anonymous” hacker group, whilst they point it right back at Sony, claiming indeed that Sony is trying to cover up some serious internal infrastructure failure buy shifting the attention to “hackers”. Far from quietly fixing the network, Sony are now stating that they are now taking the opportunity to totally rebuild PSN and ‘decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security‘.

Whatever the cause, 4 days + of total outage over an international holiday weekend, worldwide, is certainly not a great PR move, one can only imagine the size of the smiles at Microsoft’s XBox Live team’s Easter shin-dig! Free drinks all round we bet! ;-)