Origin Vs Steam

Ooops… more fun being had… at us user's expense… :-(

So, we’ve all heard of Crysis 2 dropping off Steam, and that Battlefield 3 may well be giving Steam a miss, but now Dragon Age 2 has mysteriously disappeared from Steam.

This is most likely a continuation of the “debate” between EA & Valve around who controls patching & user communication when Steam is delivering a game to a user, this is double-likely as the most recent DLC for Dragon Age 2 has just launched.

So where will this go? Will EA actually risk taking ALL their properties off Steam? Seems its heading that way. Although they will likely wait until Origin is a bigger player in the market. With Battlefield 3 looking like an Origin exclusive when it releases end of October, this may well happen before the year is out.

– Richard “Rax” Burley