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5 Million users already and Battlefield 3 hasn't released yet!

EA have published their user numbers for Origin and it seems they have made the right moves in recent months with it’s user base hitting a cool 5 million in the last few days.

The inevitable comparison will be with Steam’s 35 million odd users, but one must remember that Steam started accepting users in 2003 and Origin only opened it’s doors this year. So Steam’s 8 year head start easily accounts for the difference.

With EA’s stated aim to have Origin feature matching Steam by end of 2012 there is still a lot of work to do, and Origin is due a severe test when Battlefield 3 launches shortly.

All in all the added competition provided by Origin is likely to improve user experience in the digital download market, with Steam particularly likely to continue pushing their features, value and portfolio as they address the challenges Origin’s emergence levels at their position.

– Richard “Rax” Burley