A leaked store / shop poster for Modern Warfare 3 seems to confirm earlier rumours that we’ll be able to pickup Modern Warfare 3 on Tuesday November 8th 2011.

MW3 - Modern Warfare 3 - Release Date Poster Leak

Ok, so why not wait 3 days till 11.11.11? Does Skyrim have SCAR-Ls we don't know about??

It goes without saying that any new Modern Warfare game is going to be huge news. Having said that, many feel that Battlefield 3 will give it a very serious run for it’s “shooter” money in the second half of this year, if not over-take it in this iteration of the franchises.

2011 could well be the year that the FPS fight swings decisively towards the Battlefield franchise, but with Modern Warfare 3 & Black Ops out in the same year, Call of Duty is certainly not going down without a fight…