If you’ve ever wanted to be marooned in Moscow’s Underground system following an apocalypse that has created seemingly endless numbers of powerful mutants and chronic food, water and resource shortages then you’ve likely played Metro 2033 (or bloomin’ well should!), the original release and prequel to Metro: Last Light, which is due to release March 2012.

Whilst more linear than it’s counterpart in the niche genre of “Gritty & Unforgiving Post-Apocalyptic Shooter”, STALKER, Metro 2033 provides for a much more claustrophobic and focused shooter based experience both in terms of setting and resource availability.

Whilst clearly maintaining the superb feel of it’s predecessor, Last Light looks to be cranking up both the graphics and chaos in it’s approach as our embattled hero once more sets out on his most perilous journeys…

Most definitely one to watch…

– Rax