Steam Summer Sale

OK, cool, but I'm guessing I don't actually have to go outside right?

Steam are awesome, and that be a fact (mi’ hearties…).

One of the many things that makes them thus is that they don’t just sit back and rake in the dollars from providing the best pc game download service out there atm, but they also put on crazy-fun (yes, that is a word…now…) events, sales, offers and challenges.

The latest and greatest of these is their fresh & hot off the presses; “Summer Camp” sale / challenge / lottery…

I could explain, but I’m off to get achievements to acquire tickets to enter draws to win games and free game content and stuff…

So just check it out here alright… geez… cut me some slack already!

See? Awesome… we did warn you atop the article mi’ salty barnacle lubbers…

– Rax