Hellgate London

Wait? What? Seriously? Awesome!

The now legendary “Hellgate: London” is due to rise from the ashes of… well… itself shortly!

One of the most talked about MMOs of it’s day it spectacularly failed to deliver on it’s many promises at launch and rather than a true FPS MMO we got a rather uninspiring, chaotic & extremely buggy offering.

Having played the beta and then the live offering before throwing in the towel when it really didn’t deliver, at all, we are excited to see what HanbitSoft, T3 Entertainment and Redbana do with their promised full conversion of Hellgate: London to free-to-play, microtransaction-supported.

Following a closed beta between June 3-5 development will continue apace with a PC launch sketched in for later in 2011. Here’s hoping for a true FPS MMO this time round and not just another “Action RPG”…

Will this be a triumphant phoenix emerging from it’s own ashes or another goose crashing and burning into Hades… only time will tell…


HanbitSoft and company expect to open up the retooled Hellgate: London for a brief closed-beta window between June 3-5. The team expects to release more information on how to gain access to the beta test through the game’s official website. A full launch for the PC is expected to follow later this year.

Often likened to a postapocalyptic Diablo, Hellgate: London melded fast-paced shooter action with role-playing game item collection and character development. The title was created by Flagship Studios, which was cofounded by one-time Blizzard North executive Bill Roper.

For more information on Hellgate: London, including a post-shutdown postmortem, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.