Sony has confirmed the games that will be available for free to PSN users as it’s “apology” for the considerable recent network outages.

The following should be noted;

1. Each owner will be able to download any TWO games only, which will then be theirs permanently.
2. The games will only be available for this initial download for 30 days following the re-launch of the PSN store. (Date not yet confirmed)

PS3 Free Game Choices;
– Infamous
– Little Big Planet
– Dead Nation
– Super Stardust HD
– Wipeout HD + Fury

PSP Free Game Choices;
– Little Big Planet (PSP)
– ModNation Racers
– Pursuit Force
– Killzone Liberation

All-in-all Sony have delivered a varied selection of very high quality titles here, so, please ensure you keep an eye open for the store re-launch and grab your two, free, games!