OK, so how do I put this without sounding far too “fanboi”…
I can’t!

“Why is that?” I hear you ask (even if you didn’t / don’t want to).

Well mainly because I am a massive fan of it. Seems fair enough now doesn’t it.

Without waffling on too much, let’s just say that this is singularily the BEST game I have EVER played in my near 30 years as a gamer.

Wow, that is quite a statement, and a commitment for me, but I fear not in making it as it is unequivically true.

I could write many pages on just how good the game is but I will not borte you unduly, just please, PLEASE, buy this game and thank me later.

If I ever had to hold up a game to the world and say “This is why we play games, I defy you not to become a gamer once you have spent a few hours with it”, so good is this game that I challenge any and everyone to buy it, play it and then come back here and tell me how they think it is NOT perfect. Go on, see if you can find something… I dare you!

Dragon Age: Origins combines all the best elements of the leading games of the last 30 years; Story, characters, skills, tactics, equipment, setting, lore, graphics, sound, voice acting, cut scenes, pickup-and-play, depth, humour, epic size, etc. I could go on, and on, and on…

I could not hope to encompass it’s epicness in a lowly review, so please, don’t take my word for it. Just buy it, I will personally refund you if you honestly do not enjoy it, there, what more do you want!

It has been called the “RPG of the Decade” by some reviewers. I say it is simply “THE RPG”.