MechWarrior Online

Mechs! Destruction! Online! Looting! CryEngine! Yay!

So, hands up who’s excited about MechWarrior Online? (*two hands up from yours truly*)

Who thinks CryEngine is pretty awesome? (*A further hand up here, wait, where did that hand come from?*)

Anyone not agree that free-to-play is a nice, democratic way of distributing games? (*OK, one leg up this time, 4 hands would be just crazy*)

OK, so Piranha have sort of taken two of our favourite gaming related things and fused them into… wait for it…

“MechWarrior Online powered by CryEngine 3″ (We’re probably still going to call it just “MWO” to be honest).

It seems that all us loyal MechHeads may be getting our reward and then some. Long live slow-paced, long-ranged, mech-to-mech warfare (and more importantly looting!) FTW!

Bring on “Summer 2012″!

– Richard “Rax” Burley