Call Of Duty Elite

Call of Duty Elite… Waypoint for CoD?

It seems that Activision have noticed the ongoing success of Halo’s “Waypoint” and finally responded with burst of their own social media assault rifle…

The question is now how good will Activision’s version be and can it push the Call of Duty franchise to new heights?

“Elite” is going to be taking a lot of Waypoint’s great features and adding a fully integrated online match making extravaganza with support for one off events, tournaments and competitions.

With a userbase as large as Call of Duty’s this could be a huge new pull for gamers, however if it proves unwieldy, buggy or lacks real features gamers want then it could just be an expensive piece of brinkmanship.

Here’s hoping it turns out well as we should all be encouraging this sort of extension to the traditional, “single title”, experience and supporting publishers / developers who look to take things forward to a more integrated franchise approach.

– Rax