Battlefield 3

By far the most exciting MMFPS of 2011… and now with added bonuses!

DICE have just detailed the whole pre-order package(s) thingamy for everyone’s soon to be favourite shooter of 2011.

Without going into too much detail here, and believe me there is a lot of detail, let’s just say pre-ordering will be most worthwhile.

For full details you should definitely click here to access the full run-down on Battlefield’s own site.

With cross game promotional items all the rage, there is little to surprise here, but a lot to be excited about, specially the previously unknown first expansion; “Back to Karkand“. Which is said to be bigger than BFBC2′s robustly sized Vietnam expansion… impressive!

So pre-ordering looks like it will save you at least $15 (£10?) fairly quickly, thus making this one game where pre-ordering does definitely make sense.

See at the front Soldier!

– Richard “Rax” Burley