The third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops is coming to both PS3 and PC on July 28th, following it successful debut on XBox exactly a month before.

With players being asked to pay some serious money to get hold of the game itself and now significant sums for additional DLC, gaming is becoming an increasingly expensive business.

With some people paying £40 for the game and then £10 for each DLC that puts total cost of ownership of BLOPS at £70. Ouch.

The maths also doesn’t really add up. At £10 a pop each map pack is implied to have cost 1/4 of the cost it took to develop the original game? Really? Erm… no. Just maps = Just static content. The constant drip feeding of fairly simple / cheap to develop content is becoming cynical and we certainly hope other developers / publishers do not follow Treyarch & Activision’s example to this extreme…

Having said all that, enjoy the maps! ;-)

– Rax