Battlefield 3 Worldwide Conquest

So, buying Battlefield 3 could be the best investment you ever make!

Today EA announced the largest online console game tournament ever.

“The Battlefield 3 Worldwide Conquest Tournament” will be a joint effort by EA, DICE & Virgin Gaming and will kick off in early 2012.

With a prize pot amounting to a staggering $1,600,000.00 (that looks way more impressive than $1.6m, non?) this is sure to be a huge media event the world over.

Anyway, to get more on this and sign-up you need to be heading to http://virgingaming.com/tournaments/worldwide-conquest/.

You can rest assured we will be reporting on this LIVE whether we make it into the latter stages of the competition or not!

It’s worth noting that at this stage it’s open to XBox 360 & PS3 players only. No PC support announced yet. This may affect your buying decision, so think carefully when you choose which platform to play Battlefield 3 on!

– Richard “Rax” Burley